Save Our Cauliflowers!

16 02 2009

chartWe suspect that you, dear reader, are NOT a statistic on a Government chart when it comes to cauliflowers.

Because apparently sales are declining, forcing production to fall. Which in turn has prompted the Brassica Growers’ Association to launch a campaign to Save Our Cauliflowers.

S0, to shamelessly steal a slogan, have YOU forgotten how good cauliflowers taste?

We can’t believe you have, but just in case … Let’s get recipe swapping.

Here’s our contribution for an early Spring lunch-box filler:

our recipe

our recipe

Cauliflower and Chickpea Pitta Pockets

This is a lovely way of enjoying cauliflower. The chickpeas give the meal a nutty flavour and the watercress means it’s packed with nutrients. If you can get hold of tahini (sesame seed butter), it adds to the flavour and is also full of calcium and essential fatty acids.

What have you been doing with your cauliflowers then, cauliflower-eating comrades?



5 responses

16 02 2009
Mrs Green

Wow – people don’t like cauliflower any more? I think this is a sure indication that it’s a case of the quality of the vegetable you buy. There is nothing more delicious that fresh, steamed, organic cauliflower. I can eat it by itself. But if you overcook it – Oh my; it’s one of the worst tasting, bitter things out there.

If you really think you don’t like it, then cauliflower works well in a curry – with potato, spinach and chickpeas. I once stuffed a whole cauliflower with curried TVP mince; it was a labour of love, but provided a stunning centre piece for an indian meal!

16 02 2009
VegBox Recipes

I know – crazy isn’t it?! And you’re so right about the over-cooking … Apparently the more you cook it, the more it smells of sulphur. Blergh.

Can’t believe you stuffed a whole cauliflower, Mrs G! How I wish you had a photo of that …

Thanks for dropping by – always lovely to have you here!

11 02 2012

could you pelase tell me about the vent while you are cooking veggies also when cooking meatthank you

5 03 2009

Cauliflower yummmm… Cauliflower Cheese every time: Steamed cauli plonked in an oven dish drowned in mustard & cheddar cheese bechamel sauce, topped with chopped tomatoes & oven baked for 20mins til the tomatoes go crispy.

Or thrown in a leftovers curry.

Or in bubble & squeak.

Or raw dipped in taramasalata.

10 03 2009
VegBox Recipes

Hey Juliet – what a brilliant list of suggestions : )

Would you come back and give us the ingredient amounts and instructions for your bechamel sauce? Sounds too good to miss!

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