Growing Our Own – update 1 from the new VegBox Garden

22 12 2008
let's grow 'em!

let's grow 'em!

It had already been a week since since we hosted the “Grow Your Own” webcast with Penney Poyzer, but the VegBox Team had definitely been procrastinating about getting the promised VegBox Garden started. Until we read what Hilary Benn MP said about growing veggies on December 10th.

Having been reminded about the importance of growing our own (how quickly can one team of people forget, for goodness sakes?!), we came over all industrious : )

So now, we’ve 1) started our own composting, 2) chosen our crops, and 3) decided what we’re going to plant where.

1) We checked out Recycle Now to see if they provided compost bins in our area, but they don’t, so we contacted our local government Environment team, and ordered a compost bin. We also ordered a kitchen caddy from them (both dead cheap), so that The Patient VegBox Housemate – or PVH as she will henceforth be known – can have her big lunch-box back (THANKS, PVH)!

2) In 2009, and in order to keep PVH happy in the kitchen, our veggies of choice will be: tomatoes, lettuce, butternut squash and spinach.

3) We’ve got a very little patio back garden, so we are going to try starting the tomatoes indoors and then moving them to two hanging baskets (grrrreat idea from Penney Poyzer). The lettuce and spinach will go in the raised beds, and the butternut squash in a big tub near the trellis on the wall.

So now it’s time to order the seeds in. Unless … Santa, is it too late to put in a last minute present request?!

We hope you’re proud of us … and we’re wondering – have you started yet?

The VegBox Team



3 responses

30 12 2008
All Things Eco Blog Carnival Volume Thirty One | Focus

Excellent news – this blog was featured in the All Things Eco Carnival:

: )

30 12 2008

I must say for awhile now I have been wanting to start growing my own veggies and I think it’s really time to start. Thanks for the great posts

31 12 2008

Shaun – thanks so much for making the time to comment. It’s always lovely to hear from you guys! What do you think will be the first thing you do? (By the way, my seeds arrived in the post yesterday!).

And I’m delighted to see that this post was featured in the All Things Eco blog carnival this month. I hope you’ll all take time to check out the full carnival:

There is an inspiring and practical piece featured there by Myscha all about trying to stay green when you’re on the road camping, which I do a lot of!

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