Never Thought I’d Do This One With Turnips!

4 12 2007

Turnip and Sweet Potato SoupI have to say I never thought I’d enjoy this recipe, but needs must when your vegetable drawer has spare turnips lurking in its depths.

I wanted to make soup for dinner and decided to go for a real experiment, to use up some leftover veggies.

2 turnips (I’m not a mad fan), some cooked sweet potato, a couple of onions and…. wasn’t sure what to add to make the soup tasty…. an apple.

Saute, cook with a litre of water, add half a stock cube and some black pepper… and we all went back for seconds!

It was sweet, smooth, creamy and didn’t taste of turnip at all! So this recipe for turnip soup is likely to pass the test even with fussy eaters. So if you feel like a bit of experimenting, why not give it a go?!?


Clare x

P.S. In the picture, the white & brown bits are halloumi cheese, fried in chilli oil. Deelish!



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1 09 2008

Good day!,

1 09 2008

I really like this site – Thanks! Turnips are underrated and if you don’t like the strong taste of the older ones, try mashing them with salt, pepper and butter like you would with swede. Or better still get hold of baby ones and roast them boil them whole – the flavour is not so strong.

1 09 2008

Thank you Theresa for this lovely turnip idea!
I hadn’t thought of roasting them whole. I’ll definitely give that a go when they next arrive in our veg box.
Your ideas have got me looking forward to them again (only time will tell whether the boys agree…)

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