Veggie-in-the-Spotlight: Beetroot

20 09 2010

beetroot and cheese pie

Last year we published a feature on beetroot. This year we’re refreshing that feature as we approach the end of beetroot season, with some brand new recipes from our readers and some more brilliant beetroot facts…

And as it’s just about time to be planning your vegetable patches for next year, do bear beetroot in mind. They look great growing in borders or deep enough troughs on window-ledges because the leaves are so beautiful.

Click through for all the facts, and for recipes for:

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One response

23 07 2014
internet publicity

In endorsing your product through social media you will only
need little things, it might be a twitter account, Facebook account, My –
Space account, Linked – In account and a blog. Search engines like Google
are increasingly indexing and ranking posts and other information from social media sites.

Research your content and plan out what you’re going to say so you can present it in the best possible
way. If you already have a Facebook page for your business, you may not be using it in a way that gives you the most benefit.

Not only can too much information negatively impact your brand, it can also provide potential attackers with the data they need to compromise your social media or even private accounts.
On the whole, there’s more work to be done, more
money to be made, and more opportunities than ever before
for brands, agencies, and media organisations. Yes, but it is a whole lot better than prospecting
strangers at shopping malls. A social media user’s ‘like’ doesn’t necessarily mean they like a company.
Traditionally, when a loved one dies there is the matter of taking care of their financial accounts
and estate. However, you can do this by being upfront and honest with your customers, do what you promise, and respond to them in a timely manner.

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